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Started playing: 1993 My dad bought me a 12string acoustic guitar which I self taught myself how to play. I have retired this guitar and it remains one of my most treasured items I own. Every now and then I pull it out for its musical return.
Musical Influences: Tool, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Ozzy, “oh can’t forget Toaster”
Favorite Band: Tool
Video Games: I love my PS3!!!
Favorite Video Games: God of War series, Castlevania series, The Legacy of Kain series, and Megaman
Comics: I read Marvel and DC. I will say that I am a DC man if I had to choose. JLA FTW
Favorite cartoon: Transformers

Make: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Electric
Name: Lois
There is nothing stock about this guitar. I have replaced the pickups with EMG 81-85 actives, Gold Gibson stop bar/bridge, Gold Grover machine heads, and new speed knobs to boot

Make: Fender Stratocaster “Mexican issue” Electric
Name: Chloe
I have replaced the stock Fender pickups with Seymour Duncan Hot rail “bridge” Vintage rail “middle” and Cool rail “neck” Sharp Concepts Flame Diamond Plate pick guard and chrome Convertible hard tail bridge.

Make: BC Rich Mockingbird Special
Name: Rhonda
This guitar is stock. I have not gotten a chance to upgrade this guitar but she’s handy in a pinch. She came from the factory with Grover machine heads and Tone lock bridge. Now just need some gig money to replace those Rockfield pickups.

Make: Jackson Kelly Electric
Name: Jackie
This guitar was a bought at a steal. Almost felt bad for what I paid for it. Although the stock pickups were not up to my standards so I replaced them. I outfitted Jackie with Seymour Duncan SH1 in the bridge and Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the neck. I also picked up some skull speed knobs and switch plate cover from ebay.

Make: Goya SG
Name: Samantha
This guitar was given to my by my mother in law. Its a Goya SG which was a Swedish made guitar and bought in the early 70's I outfitted this guitar with Seymour Duncan Pearly gates in the neck and Seymour Duncan SH1 in the bridge. I replace all the electronics and got a new stopbar, bridge and machine heads.

Make: Ibanez Acoustic
Name: Jacinda I
This guitar is named after my wife because of how beautiful it looks. The only strings I use on this are Elixor nano or poly sheaths

Make: Fender Acoustic
Name: Jacinda II
This guitar was a fathers day gift from my wife and baby girl

I currently practice with and gig with a Peavey JSX Signature head and cabinet.

The head sports 120 watts in 16, 8, or 4ohms (switchable)
Four EL34s and Four 12AX’s
Three Channels, Ultra, Crunch, and Clean
Master Volume as well Channel Volume with an over all Presence and Resonance Dial
Noise Gate control
It’s built like a tank and weights a ton. About 60lbs just for the head!

4X12 slant Cabinet
400 watts continuous power handling
16 ohms mono
Four 12 inch custom JSX speakers rear mounted “closed back”
11 ply birch Baffles
Mic simulated XLR direct output
This is also built like a tank and weights a ton for a 4X12. This cabinet weights in at about 90lbs

I run a pretty bare bones ship when it comes to effects. I like the grit of stock distortion on the JSX so I use my head for that. I run boss pedals through my loop. I currently am running with inline Chromatic Boss tuner, Boss DD-6 Digital Delay, Boss Digital Reverb, Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, Boss BF-3 Flanger, Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. I also use an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal. I run all of this through a Furman Power Conditioner and call it good.