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I have been playing rhythms for as long as I can remember. At the age of four I heard Herb Alpert on my parents stereo and was galvanized. The experience was both formative and familiar, as if reconnecting to a very old and very close friend. I could not vocalize or even express my thoughts but my connection to music generally and rhythm specifically began that day. I banged on everything I could find including my siblings and one day my parents bought me my own toy drum set. A number of kits followed that one, as well some times with no kit at all, but always there was rhythm. Being part of Faded Pearl takes that story into a new phase and to a new level. I want to share with the rest of the world this great music by this great band.


Hometown: Chicago, IL (by way of North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona)

Equipment: I play a set of 20 year old Ludwig rockers on loan to me from good friend Jeremiah coupled with an array of cymbals of a more youthful vintage. This is a truly great combination but you will have to tell me what you think at our next show.

Quote: There is no later